Czapek & Cie

An Interview With Xavier de Roquemaurel of Czapek & Cie At The Recent Watchmakers Club Event

Xavier de Roquemaurel of Czapek & Cie At The Watchmakers Club Event

Everyone loves a mystery, right?  Okay, not everyone but most people.

This interview with Xavier de Roquemaurel at the Watchmakers Club Event in June touched on a mystery: Whatever happened to Francois Czapek who co-founded Patek, Czapek & Cie in 1839 a company he left in 1845 to establish Czapek & Cie only to disappear in 1869 – seemingly without a trace.  Tantalizingly Xavier claims that he knows part of the story but will only release the facts when the full story is settled.

Before reviving Czapek in 2011 with art expert Harry Guhl and watchmaker Sébastien Follonier, Xavier worked in the fashion industry.  His comments about the differences and similarities between the watch world and the fashion world should interest anyone involved in either.


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