The Antique Watch Company

The Antique Watch Company – Clerkenwell

The Aintique Watch Co - Clerkenwell


Watch loving has introduced me to many pleasures. One is wandering around a city taking photographs of watch and clock repair workshops. These workshops are important to the industry because the repair people inside sitting at workbenches fix a lot of watches and clocks.  Keeping watches and clocks working translates into keeping memories alive because many customers want to see their grandparent’s clocks work again or hear an old pocket watch that has been in the family for generations or a vintage wristwatch tick and tock once more.


The Antique Watch company Clerkenwell

The people in these shops are the unsung heroes of the watch industry and they are not paid enough attention – even though some famous brands farm out repair work to them.


On an unseasonably warm and sunny day in February on a stroll through Clerkenwell I found the Antique Watch Company at 19 Clerkenwell Road the old horological capital of London.  AWC is just the sort of shop I like to find. The photo of a man with a watch head is of Jonathan Griffiths owner/manager.



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