Recently Visited Almeria

Recently Visited Almeria

Adams Family poster

Coca-Cola Signs, Whatever Happened To Super-8 and Who Knew The Addams Family Liked To Travel?

Recently visited Almería, Spain – charming city, fine weather, friendly people and superb food.  But…is anyone able to explain why in Almería Coca-Cola signs are black and not red?

Super 8 club Almeria

I was gratified to see a shop front decorated with a giant Super-8 camera.  Super-8 was a fun film format that allowed many people to imagine they were a budding Hitchcock, Spielberg or Fellini.  Am I being too nostalgic? Just one thing, the shop was always closed.  Now we know where film formats go to die.

To end this short travelogue I was pleasantly surprised to see the Gomez, Morticia, Uncle Fester, Lurch, Wednesday, Pugsley and Thing enjoy experiencing other cultures.   Wonder what Thing did for a passport photo.

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