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Introducing Garrick’s Stunning New S2 Timepiece

Introducing Garrick’s Stunning New S2 Timepiece

The new British S2 timepiece by Garrick Watchmakers


In all the hubbub about a British Watchmaking Revival the Norfolk based brand Garrick is sometimes overlooked.  This is extremely unfair because Garrick produces exquisite watches – beautiful in appearance and technically perfect – at reasonable prices.

In true British fashion Garrick’s designs are often slightly eccentric.  The brand’s newest watch, The S2 Central Seconds, continues to exhibit this characteristic.  On the dial is a swirling engine turned dial, prominent chapter ring, slightly outsized hands, exposed balance wheel and bridge and curved Garrick England nameplate.  The 42mm case boasts a prominent bezel and an onion crown.  It would be easy for this combination to defy the laws of symmetry and proportion but dial and case meld into a harmonious and eye-catching whole.

Garrick S2 watch with engine turned salmon dial

As the watch is time only, the movement, visible through the display case back, is simple.  Finishing is traditional British frosting understated and subtle unlike the showy Geneva stripes common on Swiss watches.  As an added treat for anyone who appreciates hand-wound mechanical movements the crown wheel, the ratchet wheel and the ratchet wheel click are on centre stage.  When the watch is wound these three components spring into action revealing the start of the flow of energy through the watching.

Garrick S2 English watch movement

All Garrick watches are for sale online at the brand’s website ( In stainless steel S2 Central Seconds costs £11,500 ($15,110) excluding VAT if the purchaser is outside of the EU and £13,800 including VAT if the purchaser is inside the EU.




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